Returns formatted text from a format string and arguments.

function (formatString as text, optional arguments as nullable any, optional culture as nullable any) as text


Returns formatted text that is created by applying arguments from a list or record to a format string formatString. Optionally, a culture may be specified.


Text.Conversions from and to text


Format a list of numbers.

Text.Format("#{0}, #{1}, and #{2}.", { 17, 7, 22 })

"17, 7, and 22."

Format different data types from a record according to United States English culture.

Text.Format("The time for the #[distance] km run held in #[city] on #[date] was #[duration].", [city = "Seattle", date = #date(2015, 3, 10), duration = #duration(0,0,54,40), distance = 10], "en-US")

"The time for the 10 km run held in Seattle on 3/10/2015 was 00:54:40."