Power Query


Performs a join between tables on supplied columns and produces the join result in a new column.
function (table1 as table, optional key1 as nullable any, optional table2 as nullable any, optional key2 as nullable any, newColumnName as text, optional joinKind as nullable any, optional keyEqualityComparers as nullable list) as table


Joins the rows of table1 with the rows of table2 based on the equality of the values of the key columns selected by key1 (for table1) and key2 (for table2). The results are entered into the column named newColumnName.
The optional joinKind specifies the kind of join to perform. By default, a left outer join is performed if a joinKind is not specified.
An optional set of keyEqualityComparers may be included to specify how to compare the key columns.


Last modified 3yr ago