Power Query



Transforms column names by using the given function.
function (table as table, nameGenerator as function, optional options as nullable record) as table


Transforms column names by using the given nameGenerator function. Valid options: MaxLength specifies the maximum length of new column names. If the given function results with a longer column name, the long name will be trimmed. Comparer is used to control the comparison while generating new column names. Comparers can be used to provide case insensitive or culture and locale aware comparisons. The following built in comparers are available in the formula language:


Table.Column operations


Remove the #(tab) character from column names
Table.TransformColumnNames(Table.FromRecords({[#"Col#(tab)umn" = 1]}), Text.Clean)
Table.FromRecords({[Column = 1]}, {"Column"})
Transform column names to generate case-insensitive names of length 6.
Table.TransformColumnNames(Table.FromRecords({[ColumnNum = 1, cOlumnnum = 2, coLumnNUM = 3]}), Text.Clean, [MaxLength = 6, Comparer = Comparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase])
Table.FromRecords({[Column = 1, cOlum1 = 2, coLum2 = 3]}, {"Column", "cOlum1", "coLum2"})